How it works

Competition stages




Meet Mya, our ChatBot! This year Mya will be helping you completing your online registration, and answering any questions you might have during this phase of the process. After successful registration, we will check your qualification and background, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, a link to an online assessment will be shared with you where you will be putting your cognitive abilities, problem solving, and English proficiency into test.

During this stage, you will have an opportunity to choose your team mate. Don’t forget to tell Mya about their name and email, and of course asking them to register. If you don’t have a team mate in mind, don’t worry, we will team you up with someone who will best complement your capabilities.

Registrations open on the 10th of October till the 24th of October, 2018

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Elevator pitch & business case



After being teamed up, you will receive an invite via email to submit your team’s big idea. This should be in the form of a brief 2-3 slide PowerPoint presentation. Submissions should be received between 6th and 14th of November. The elevator pitch is short, creative , and to the point overview of your idea that addresses one of the business challenges of this year:

1- Create a business model to develop products in our food and beverage categories that are scalable, financially viable and minimize or eliminate plastic packaging.


2- Come up with an idea using a new low cost technology that would allow the collection and recycling of plastic waste in emerging markets without the use of child labor or create a hazard to humans

Your slides should answer the following questions:

  1. What is the focus of your idea?
  2. What is the rational for selecting this idea?
  3. What makes this idea game changing?

Case study submission



Team with shortlisted ideas will be invited via email to build a detailed business case presentation. Your will have between the 19th of November and the 3rd of December 2018 to prepare for your business case.

Your detailed presentation should detail:

  1. What your idea is?
  2. How will it come to life?
  3. What your financial plan looks like?
  4. What your marketing plan looks like?
  5. Who is your target audience?
  6. What risks do you see in your idea?
  7. Why will your idea continue to stay successful in the long term?

The business case should be developed in a PPT or PDF format, and not exceed 10 slides.

Regional semi finals



Shortlisted teams will be requested to present their ideas to PepsiCo’s leadership team in person or virtually. Top idea will be shortlisted to the next and final stage; the Sector Finals

Sector finals



Top idea for each region will have an opportunity to compete for the “best idea” of the sector; Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. In this stage, contestants will pitch their plans to the PepsiCo sector leadership team as well as external thought leaders, who will assess each team on the basis of:

  1. Feasibility and Sustainability of the idea.
  2. Articulation and Presentation.
  3. Quality and Construct of the Business Case.
  4. Innovation of the Idea.

Selected team(s) will win a trip to our headquarter in New York, get a grant of $100,000 to implement their idea for PepsiCo, and will be offered a job at PepsiCo including an international assignment.

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